Free Shubees Track! 

Head over to our Bandcamp page and grab yourself a FREE download of the Shubees song 'Fresh Sue She' now! Be on the lookout for Shubees up and coming album due out sooner rather than later! 


Illside Village On Dying Scene

The boys Rundown Kreeps have a album review up on Go give it a read and listen too RDK's 'Illside Village'.…/rundown-kreeps-punk-streaming-new-…/


Off The Wall Joins FirstOff Records

Excited to announce the new addition to the FirstOff Records family OFF THE WAL Hailing from Yucca Valley California these boys have a fast, fun and energetic sound and have no signs of slowing down. They are currently in the studio with Dave Klein working on their new album witch hopefully will be out by the end of September. Be on the lookout for more from these boys and go give them a follow and a like! Welcome To The Familia Off The Wall! 


Welcome To The Family Shubees

Ladies and Germs please welcome our new addition the Shubees to the FirstOff Records familia. Shubees have a straight up punk rock sound hailing from Riverside California and are ready to play! They are currently in the studio with Dave Klein (Agent Orange) working on their debut album due out around September. Keep an eye out for these guys. Welcome to the familia Shubees! 


Rundown Kreeps LP Review On KrayKUlla Webzine

Our boys Rundown Kreeps have an album review up on Kraykulla-webzine for their album ‘Illside Village’ click the link below and give it a read!


Welcome to La Familia RDK!

We are excited to welcome Rundown Kreeps out of LA to the FirstOff Records Family 

RDK is a ska / punk style band that just rips with great live shows, great energy and packed with awesome dudes that know how to party! Rundown Kreeps full LP 'Illside Village' is available now just click the link below and grab yourself a copy!


The LessOffs Interview on Kraykulla Webzine

The LessOff have an interview up on Kraykulla-webzin go give it a read!


The LessOffs EP review on Kraykulla Webzine

 KrayKulla Webzine did an awesome review of our boys The LessOffs Self Titled EP. Be sure to click the link and give it a good read then head over and grab yourself a copy of The LessOffs EP today! 


Get Ready Vegas!

Tomorrow night Vegas! Our boys The Lessoffs will be Double Down Saloon with our homies Cadaver Pudding // Tikibandits // Act of Sabotage // Whiskey and Knives.. Don’t miss this Vegas!!


Available Now

The LessOff self titled EP is available now for download at go grab yourself a copy today! 


Welcome To The Family the LessOffs

Excited for this! Please welcome our good friends and our first band too the label. The LessOffs If you don’t know about The LessOffs well you do now. Go give these dudes a like and be sure to check them out at for more great stuff! Welcome to the family!